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Businesses of all sizes generate data from their activities.
Each bit of data has a story which needs extracting and publishing, quickly, in real time, if possible, to the correct stakeholders.
The data created in an organisation can be broken down into the minutest components and those components can be allocated to an ownership of an entity within or outside the organisation.
A good example is a customer who makes an enquiry about a product.
The enquiry belongs to the customer.
The product description and the user experience when the enquiry was made belongs to the sales and marketing section.
The quality and the price of the product belongs to the product department and commercial department respectively.
If in this instance this enquiry did not get converted to a sale then all owners of this product needs to have some data captured so that they can analyse the consequences of the  rate at which enquiries are converted to sales.
if every single enquiry was being converted to a sale, then the story behind the captured data is good news but the commercial department may still be interested to see if a mistake has made  the pricing is too low
The possibilities are endless but only if this data was available to each stakeholder in real time.

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