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The original North London location in 1965
An Insurance brokerage and estate agency on ground floor
owners accommodation up above
Our Story
Our story starts in 1965 in a sleepy little village in North London UK.
Its a two-story terraced building in a small parade with a shop on the
ground floor and a spacious two bed apartment on the first floor.

The first founder of the company bought this building for £500, in 1965,

moved into the apartment up above and opened an Insurance
brokerage and property management company from the shop
below. The Former name of Data management Group Ltd was
Van Houten & co (insurance) Ltd.
Young VanHouten  ran a very successful business from 1965 to 1977 when
he decided to emigrate to the United States..
Ananda Jayasinghe
(also  known as Andy Jay by  those who could not pronounce his
real Christian and Surname)
bought the  business of Van Houten
and the whole  building for a  sum in the region of  £25,000.
Andy Graduated in Sri Lanka in
1963, emigrated to UK in 1965
and completed his Accountancy
qualifications whilst working in
the profession and in service and
manufacturing industries.
by 1977 he had achieved the
highest possible position in industry related
to his profession as the finance director
of a construction company.

Andy recalls  ..

"In the 1960's and 70s Managing Data was a very manual process. The only machinery available in those days was a Typewriter
and a Comptometer. The latter being the calculator used by a trained operator to key in   numbers handwritten  in a
spread sheet type of format. Communication was mainly by post. The telephone became the technology evolution with a telex machine being used for long distance.
the photo copier and the fax machine arrived in the late 80."
"Yet even with all of this, everything... more or less... required manual effort.
Factory production lines and clerical work in the offices required loads and loads of staff.
There was a hunger for labour saving mechanisation and automation of every conceivable process in the late 70s and 80s.
However, new Equipment was expensive, and only the larger companies could afford the huge costs of mechanisation."
Says Andy :
"In 1977 I saw a gap in the market for the automation of management processes for the smallto medium sized businesses
and that was the birth of  
The Data Management Group Ltd ".

Apart from the Freehold property the other main asset was Van Houten's Client list of some 1500 names and contact details of a mixture of businesses and private individuals.
Andy didnt waste any time contacting each and every one of them and
offering them a rounded financial and management consultancy service which included
the offer to manage their insurances, real estate, and financial DATA, in addition to the services that
Van Houten offered.
Accountancy, Taxation, and System Analysis was taken up by many.
Some of the success stories arising out of this effort soon prompted a name change of  Van Houten to
Data Management Group Ltd.

Here are a few success stories.
A small Bakery in Knights Bridge London, making cakes,
became a large manufacturer of Frozen Gateau supplying
all the supermarkets of the day.
The company was sold for £20 million
in the late 1980's.
A Ugandan Asian family who was importing fresh vegetables from India
ended up Owning most of the stalls and stores in Ealing Road to distribute
tropical vegetables grown by the family business
in newly acquired land in Portugal.

a small Packaged tour operator struggling to compute the prices in good time
to publish the seasonal brochures, ended up competing
and beating the largest tour operator on price when their brochures
wewere published soon after the giants’ brochures were delivered to travel

In a nutshell Data Management Group has helped many small to medium sized businesses to scale their business
through the use of technology.
Whats pertinent is DMGs ability to use the best technology available at the time the requirements are known.
In 2021 we are focussing on a completely new requirement.

End of Feb 2020 saw the UK and most of the world just shutting down to protect human beings from the devastating effects of a new virus.
We lost the revenues from many of our customers.
But we have continued with a 100% service to all customers at no cost until the situation gets back to normal.
we  also built a brand new FRAME WORK to make businesses pandemic proof in the future
we called it

Registered in England (4 October 1965) No.00860495
Wellington House
273-275 High Street
London Colney
St Albans, Herts AL2 1HP

Email: info@datam.co.uk
Website: www.daytaem.co.uk

Created by @dmg 2021
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